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New e-visa for Indian passport holders travelling to Russia

Posted on 29-07-2023

New e-visa for Indian passport holders travelling to Russia

India and Russia have recently introduced a new e-visa system for Indian passport holders travelling to Russia. This new system aims to simplify the visa application process and encourage more Indian tourists to visit Russia.

Previously, Indian travelers had to go through a lengthy process to obtain a Russian visa, including submitting various documents and attending in-person interviews at the Russian embassy or consulate. However, with the introduction of the e-visa system, the process has become much more convenient and efficient.

Indian passport holders can now apply for a Russian e-visa online through the official website of AGT Visa Services. By visiting https://www.absglobaltravel.com, users can easily access the visa application portal and submit their applications.

The new e-visa system offers several advantages for Indian travelers. Firstly, it eliminates the need for physical documents and in-person visits, making the application process faster and more convenient. Additionally, the e-visa allows multiple entries and a longer duration of stay, providing more flexibility for travelers.

AGT Visa Services, a leading provider of visa services, is committed to ensuring a seamless visa application process for Indian travelers. With their expertise and efficient online system, they make it easy for individuals to apply for a Russian e-visa.

Dont miss out on the opportunity to explore the rich culture, history, and natural beauty of Russia. Apply for your e-visa today through AGT Visa Services and embark on an unforgettable journey.

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