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Russia Overview

Russia is the largest country in the world, spanning across two continents - Europe and Asia. It is a country of contrasts, with bustling modern cities and vast, untouched wilderness. Russia is home to many iconic landmarks, such as the Red Square and the Kremlin in Moscow, and the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.

Key Highlights

  • Visit Red Square and the Kremlin in Moscow
  • Explore the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg
  • Take a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway
  • Visit the cities of Kazan and Yekaterinburg
  • Explore the stunning Lake Baikal

Things to Do

There is no shortage of things to do in Russia, whether you are interested in history, culture, or nature. Some popular activities include:

  • Visiting historic landmarks, such as the Red Square and the Hermitage Museum
  • Exploring the natural beauty of Lake Baikal and the Altai Mountains
  • Experiencing Russian cuisine and nightlife
  • Taking a trip on the iconic Trans-Siberian Railway
  • Attending cultural events, such as the Bolshoi Ballet or the Mariinsky Theatre

Travel Tips

When traveling to Russia, it is important to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Apply for a Russian visa well in advance of your trip
  • Be aware of local customs and etiquette
  • Carry identification with you at all times
  • Use caution when using public transportation or taxis
  • Be prepared for cold weather, as temperatures can be extreme in the winter

Visa Information

If you are planning to travel to Russia, you will need a visa. AGT Visa Services can help you obtain a Russian visa quickly and easily. Contact us today for more information.


Russia offers a range of accommodation options, from budget hostels to luxury hotels. Some popular choices include:

  • The Ritz-Carlton Moscow
  • The Four Seasons Hotel St. Petersburg
  • The W St. Petersburg
  • The Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow
  • The Kempinski Hotel Moika 22 St. Petersburg


Getting around Russia can be challenging, but there are several options available:

  • The Moscow Metro is a convenient and affordable way to get around the city
  • Taxis are available in most major cities, but be sure to use a reputable company
  • The Trans-Siberian Railway offers a unique way to see the country
  • Rental cars are available, but be aware of the challenging driving conditions

Weather and Best Time to Visit

Russia experiences a range of climates, from subarctic in the north to humid continental in the south. The best time to visit depends on your interests:

  • Summer (June-August) is the best time to visit if you want to explore the countryside and enjoy outdoor activities
  • Winter (December-February) is the best time to visit if you want to experience the famous Russian winter and winter sports
  • Spring (March-May) and fall (September-November) offer mild weather and fewer crowds


Russian cuisine is hearty and filling, with a focus on meat, potatoes, and hearty soups. Some popular dishes include:

  • Borscht - a soup made with beets and beef
  • Pelmeni - dumplings filled with meat
  • Beef Stroganoff - tender beef in a creamy sauce
  • Blintzes - thin pancakes filled with sweet or savory fillings
  • Caviar - a delicacy made from fish eggs

Local Laws and Regulations

When traveling to Russia, be aware of the following laws and regulations:

  • Drugs are strictly prohibited
  • Homosexuality is legal, but public displays of affection may be frowned upon
  • Photography is not allowed in many museums and other cultural sites
  • Protests and demonstrations are not allowed without prior permission
  • Carry identification with you at all times

Health and Safety

While Russia is generally a safe destination, it is important to take precautions:

  • Be aware of pickpockets and other petty crimes in tourist areas
  • Use caution when using public transportation or taxis
  • Be prepared for cold weather and dress appropriately
  • Drink bottled water and avoid tap water
  • Make sure you have adequate travel insurance

Currency and Payment

The currency in Russia is the ruble (RUB). Credit cards are accepted in most major cities, but be sure to carry cash for smaller purchases and in rural areas. ATMs are widely available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular activities to do in Russia?

Some popular activities to do in Russia include visiting the Red Square and Kremlin in Moscow, exploring the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, taking a scenic ride on the Trans-Siberian Railway, and experiencing traditional Russian ballet or opera performances.

Are there any restrictions on visiting certain areas in Russia?

Yes, there may be restrictions on visiting certain areas in Russia, particularly in border regions or areas with military installations. It is advisable to check with local authorities and follow any travel advisories or restrictions in place.

What is the best time to visit Russia for outdoor activities?

The best time to visit Russia for outdoor activities depends on the specific region and activity. Generally, the summer months from June to August offer pleasant weather for hiking, camping, and exploring natural landscapes. Winter months are ideal for winter sports such as skiing and ice skating.

Do I need a visa to participate in activities in Russia?

Yes, most visitors to Russia require a visa to participate in activities. It is recommended to apply for a visa well in advance of your planned trip and follow the necessary application process. Absolute Global Travel can assist you with visa services for Russia.

What are some must-visit tourist attractions in Russia?

Some must-visit tourist attractions in Russia include the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, the Red Square and Kremlin in Moscow, the Trans-Siberian Railway, Lake Baikal, the Peterhof Palace, and the Catherine Palace in Pushkin.

Are there any specific cultural etiquettes to keep in mind while engaging in activities in Russia?

Yes, it is important to be aware of and respect Russian cultural etiquettes while engaging in activities. This includes removing shoes when entering someones home, greeting with a firm handshake, and avoiding discussing sensitive political topics unless initiated by locals.

Can I participate in winter activities such as skiing or snowboarding in Russia?

Absolutely! Russia offers excellent opportunities for winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating. Popular destinations for winter sports include Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana, and the Russian Arctic region.

What are some traditional Russian dishes that I must try?

Some traditional Russian dishes you must try include borscht (beet soup), pelmeni (dumplings), blini (pancakes), beef stroganoff, and pirozhki (stuffed pastries). Dont forget to try Russian vodka or kvass (a fermented beverage) as well!

Is it safe to travel to Russia for activities?

Like any travel destination, it is important to take necessary precautions and remain vigilant while traveling to Russia. It is recommended to follow the advice of local authorities, avoid isolated areas at night, and take care of your belongings. Overall, Russia is a safe country to visit for activities.

Can I hire a local guide for activities in Russia?

Yes, hiring a local guide is a great way to enhance your experience while participating in activities in Russia. A local guide can provide valuable insights, help navigate language barriers, and ensure you make the most of your time exploring the country.