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Saudi Arabia Scraps Visa Stickers for 12 Countries

Posted on 28-07-2023

Saudi Arabia Scraps Visa Stickers for 12 Countries

Saudi Arabia has recently made an important announcement regarding visa stickers. The country has decided to eliminate the requirement of visa stickers for citizens of 12 countries. This development comes as a significant move towards streamlining the visa process and facilitating easier travel.

Previously, citizens of these 12 countries had to obtain visa stickers on their passports before traveling to Saudi Arabia. However, this requirement has now been removed, making it more convenient for travelers from these nations.

The 12 countries affected by this change include Pakistan starting from July 24; Yemen July 26; Sudan August 2; Uganda August 7; Lebanon August 9; Nepal August 14; Turkiye Aug 16; Sri Lanka Aug 21; Kenya Aug 23; Morocco Aug 28; Thailand Aug 30; and Vietnam Sept 4. Citizens of these countries will no longer need to go through the process of obtaining visa stickers.

This decision is expected to have a positive impact on tourism and business travel to Saudi Arabia. With the removal of visa sticker requirements, it will be easier for travelers from these countries to visit Saudi Arabia for tourism, work, or other purposes.

AGT, Absolute Global Travel Pvt Ltd, is at the forefront of providing visa services to individuals and businesses. With this recent development, AGT aims to assist travelers from the 12 countries by guiding them through the updated visa process and ensuring a seamless experience.

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